Guess what! We are teaching a Spanish man! and..... I don't speak spanish.....BUT it's okay! Cause we have ward members who do! :)
Here's the story: Sister West and I were tracting in a trailer park at the beginning of last transfer and knocked on the door of a high school girl and her father. We were able to pray with them but we couldn't teach since her father had no idea what we were saying, but we knew we had to go back. a month later we show back up at their door with a member, Sister Ashford, who served in LA Spanish speaking. The father was home and welcomed us in. From there I taught a very interesting lesson where everything Sister West and I said was then interpreted into spanish! And it went so great! We felt the spirit so strongly and after we asked if he would be baptized if he came to know it was true he said "well, of course! I know it's true! Will you come back when my family is home so that you can teach all of us?" And we were like... YES! When will everyone be home?! And so is the beginning of our teaching a spanish family!
Thankfully no animals have come after me this week so that's a plus too! :)
Hope ya'll have a great week!
Sister Hodges