Monday, December 16, 2013

The Throw Down


It's the most wonderful time of the year to share the Gospel! Especially an old lady in our branch, Sister Speith. She's this way older lady who invited us over to her house for lunch with her and her non-member care-taker. She's a way nice lady! We ate some delicious veggie soup and eased our way into a gospel conversation. We asked her care-taker where she went to church and if religion played a big role in her life, etc. We tried talking about the Book of Mormon THEN came Sister Speith! She was quite zealous! Her care-taker would say she didn't want to read the Book of Mormon and Sister Speith was right there hitting the table saying, "Then you will never know the truth!" And her poor care-taker is taking four on one and we as missionaries don't know how to make the situation better as Sister Speith keeps going on and it all turns into a light argument between the two of them. It became quite the throw down! Eventually they had to agree to seemed again since I'm assuming they have this conversation a lot. Props to Sister Speith for doing her best to be a member missionary!
I hope ya'll enjoy the holidays and remember the blessings we have from knowing about our Savior. And more specifically the knowledge we have of His Atonement and how we, as members blessed with the priesthood authority of God, can fully manifest His Atonement in our lives and families.
Sister Hodges

Uncle Bob sent me antlers!

Ninja Turtle cut out christmas display!!


AFRICA! Lion King!! 

This old couple that feeds us and isn't interested in the Gospel gave us all matching pocket knives. They're titled "the vulture II" 

And there's Uncle Bob's giant garbage can in the background. 

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