Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

Dear Mom,

We had exchanges this past week. I was with Sister Dickerson. It was great! I got to go on exchange with her once when I was an STL so it was fun to be back together again for a day! I got to hear a lot about how Jessamine was doing, my past area when I was an STL. I don't know if you remember the sister that we taught there. It was a cool miracle that we found her. She was a less-active in our area and her records were with another ward. But we found her and got to get to know her. She started coming to our ward and we got to have dinner with her and her non-member husband. Her husband ended up getting baptized while I was in Olney! I may have already told you that but it was cool to hear from Sis Dickerson how they were doing. It sounded like they were doing well and he sent a "what up Sister" from Sister Dickerson to me haha. It was great to hear how my past area had really taken off since I'd been there.

We got to bike A LOT these past couple of days. President just announced that everyone is required to get a bike now by May 1st and we have to bike everywhere within 2 miles of our apartment. I'm happy I chose to get a bike at the very beginning of my mission cause if I would have held off this long and had to get one now.... that would've stunk. But thankfully I've put some good use to my bike! Since that rule came into action we had to bike to the bishops yesterday that's literally like 1.9 miles away, over a few GIANT hills. Oh man. And we were fasting when we were riding there. It was a good workout for sure. Good 'ol black stallion, my bike, got me there pretty awesomely. I do love my bike. This whole bike thing will help me get in great shape by September. It's great!

I liked what you did for 3 Nephi! (For seminary, I blacked the room out and we listened to 3 Nephi 8, 9 & 10 and at the firsts of chapter 10 we sat in silence for 3 minutes--) That would make it feel a lot more real. I love 3 Nephi when Christ comes. My favorite verses are probably when Christ introduces himself in 3 Nephi 11. I love reading 3 Nephi 14:7-8 about receiving revelation. Getting that communication back from God. We have to ask, seek, knock. We ASK God a question in prayer. Personally I think the more direct the better. And we can talk to Him about it of course. It's important to let Him know our deepest feelings and thoughts. Anyways, Then we have to SEEK an answer through diligent scripture study, church lessons/talks, more prayer, etc. I think it's cool how an answer doesn't necessarily have to come from what someone says, but how we feel. And those circumstances allow us to feel the spirit. Then we KNOCK. We act on the answer we receive. This usually takes a step of faith. Doing something scary. Taking a step into the dark. Even if it means doing something we felt was right all along. I connected this a lot to Joseph Smith's experience. He ASKED God in prayer. I like to think he prayed a lot about what church to join before the first vision. He SOUGHT an answer. Found it James 1:5 after a lot of seeking. He then KNOCKED. He went into a grove of trees and did as James directed and got an answer.

If you can send some peppermint beadlets too that would be awesome! And I only need one set of shampoo and conditioner to last till I get home for sure.

Thanks for the prayers :) I pray for the family too of course.
Sister Hodges

Eagle Lake

Writing home on a Monday. 

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