Monday, May 13, 2013

Deer in the Headlights

Well Mothers Day is officially the best day of the year! ... Till Christmas :).

It's been a great week in Mt. Vernon! I'm seeing miracles everyday.

We taught Miranda and Jerry the Plan of Salvation this week and it went really well. It really touched Miranda that we could be with our families forever and be sealed for eternity. It took them a bit to fully wrap their heads around the full plan of salvation, but it made sense to them and they asked great questions.

 We watched The Testaments with Trish and Ronnie. It's a movie that shows events from the Book of Mormon and when Christ comes after he is resurrected. It's very touching and helps connect the Bible and Book of Mormon. After the movie we talked about faith. Trish and Ronnie seem to be looking for hard evidence that this is the restored church. That evidence we have is the Book of Mormon but you have to read it and exercise faith. You start out with a belief and when you exercise it your using your faith, just as Enos did through prayer, and once you put it into action you'll find your answer and it becomes "unshaken". You plant a seed of faith and as you nourish it daily you can know that those things you plant in your heart are true as it grows. Sister Pisciotta and I are going to elaborate more on faith with them in our next lesson.

 Funny things that happened this week, well funny to Sister Pisciotta. We had dinner at a members home and right before we left they said to "be careful as we back out of the driveway" and we're "like oh yeah! we will!" I mean, we have a backer for goodness sake, of course we'll be fine! So I start backing the car, Sister P is backing me, then suddenly we hear a loud clunk. I'm like ohh no. I try to pull forward, then backward. I get out the car annndd we're stuck. The Halls driveway kind of curves and if you go off the edge while you're backing there's a little ditch and I just so happened to get the front left wheel stuck in it. And I am SO embarrassed as we go to the front door and have to explain that although they just told us to be careful backing out AND had a backer....we got the car stuck. So I have my head in my hands as this nice family helps us get out and Sister Pisciotta is laughing so hard as we drive away. It was so embarrassing...and I guess hilarious.

Earlier this week we went over to a member's house, Robbie. She recently had surgery on her hand so we thought we would stop by and see her. We chat and share a scripture and as we're getting ready to leave she asks if I can do something for her. And I'm all willing like "Yeah! Whatever you need!" Annnnd then she asks "Can you give me a shot? In my stomach?" and I'm not sure how to react because I am definitely no doctor and as a missionary I'm not sure if I should be giving people shots. I don't like getting shots myself either sooo I'm all hesitant and she pulls the "my blood will clot and I'll die if I don't get this shot" card and I'm like "Weeell you should just wait till your mom is home to give one." And she's like fine. So we get out of there and Sister Pisciotta says I should've seen the look on my face when she asked me to giver her a shot. I imagine I looked like a deer in the headlights.

Well, it has been a really great week! I've seen Heavely Father's hand in this work and I know that as you put your trust in Him, he'll lead you on the right path.

Have a great week!

Sister Hodges

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