Monday, May 20, 2013

The Scorpian Grasshopper Spider

The bugs officially waged war on us this week.
Earlier this week Sister Pisciotta and I discoverd a new insect neither of us has ever seen before. We were saying our closing prayer after our daily planning and I look up and the first thing I say is, "What is that?!" There is this giant ugly looking spider in the kitchen!! It was SO hideous! Sister P and I are freaking out while I grab a shoe to kill it. I get close to it, getting ready to smack it when it starts hopping! I scream of course and jump back and we're freaking out even more now since this spider thing now can hop! We finally corner the thing and I smack it. Sister P searched for some bug spray and since we didn't have any we settled for lysol. So we start spraying it and IT COMES BACK TO LIFE and crawls into the corner of our cupboards!! And we're like, oh no, now we don't know where it is and it's alive!!! We finally get some bug spray from our neighbor and go on a scorpian grasshopper spider hunt (that's what we decided to name it). We found it under our stove (don't know how it got there from the cupboard...) and we're pretty sure it's dead now. We found out the next day it's actually called a mole cricket, but I like our name more. We also found out that they mean good luck...I don't know if it still counts if we killed it...
The bugs came at us again later in the week while we were tracting. Over here I guess they have buffalo knats and they are THE WORST. They literally swarm us and I guess they stay for a few weeks. Sister P and I went to the store and got some deep woods bug spray and it did NOTHING! We even tried putting vanilla on since locals said that that should help buuut it didn't...but the work carries on!
So the bugs here are definitely not the same here as in the west!
On a higher note, Sister P and I found a great family the other day! The main investigators are Faith and her daughter Gwendolyn. We taught them and her husband Michael and their son, who's name is also Michael. Faith is very open to learning about other religions and Gwendolyn asked really good questions! Michael, the dad, is Nazarene and said that our beliefs "are actually very similar." Gwendolyn and Faith came to sacrament meeting this Sunday! I hope I didn't act too excited haha, but they said they liked it. We won't be able to teach them for another week since their son is graduating and they have family coming over this week but it'll be great teaching them again.
We were only able to talk to Trish this week since Ronnie hasn't been feeling too well. We talked about faith and emphasized how important it is to read everyday and pray specifically to be able to know if the Book of Mormon is true. Since then she's been reading a lot this week and she's been doing great. Hopefully we'll get to see both of them this week and get them on the same page.
Well, it's been a great adventurous week here in Posey County and I hope ya'll had a good one too!
Sister Hodges

Isn't it hideous!

On the ground looking under our stove scorpian grasshopper spider hunting.

It's under the stove!

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