Monday, June 3, 2013

Oh no, knats, woof.

It was a good week here in Posey County!
We taught Trish and Ronnie this past week and went over concerns they've had. We elaborated more on faith and read from Mark when Christ calms the storm while they're at sea. The apostles still feared since they didn't understand that they had no need to with the Savior being with them. They're coming along and reading the Book of Mormon lots so now we're working on getting them to come to church.
After the lesson Ronnie was like "So are you ready to hold a snake now?" and I was like weellll alright! Let's try it! So we go down the stairs into their terrifying snake room and Sister Pisciotta was like your face is super red and I was shaking pretty bad, but I made it all the way down the stairs! And Ronnie pulls out his little ball python and Sister Pisciotta held part of it while Ronnie held the head. Then it came time for me to try and touch it and it took me a REALLY long time to think about it while I was looking at it. My finger hoverd over it for a while, it was like the feeling you get before cliffjumping, and I finally touched it! Annd I reacted like it shocked me lol, I jumped pretty bad, it was pretty hilarious haha. But hey, I touched a snake! Next step is actually holding it!
I guess I was talking in my sleep this past week according to Sister P and I said "Oh no, knats, woof." (woof is my replacement word I've come up with for my mormon "cuss" words) But Sister P and I gave in and went to the co-op here in town and got this amazing bug spray that keeps those terrible buffalo knats away! And it smells like mint lavendar and roses! So it's a win win!
We had zone conference this past week and it was SO great! President and Sister Woodbury talked to our zone and it was just what I needed to learn about! That's how it always seems to work here!
I hope ya'll had a great week and Memorial Day!
Sister Hodges

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