Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm not a psychic, I've seen a white squirrel, and I'm a Mormon.

Well, this week I feel like I had to re-learn a lesson that you would think would be embedded in my mind by now.
Knowing that transfers were coming up I made the mistake of thinking that I could guess exacltly what was going to happen to Sister Pisciotta and I. Before making transfer guesses I was already known as a psychic in my district for various reasons. Rolling with that I was so sure that my predictions would be right....well I was so very wrong.
The transfer call finally came this Saturday and President told Sister Pisciotta that she would be staying in Mt. Vernon and training. That proved the first part of my prediction wrong since I thought she would be going back to her first area and training. Then President started talking to me and told me that I would be opening an area in Nicholasville, KY which is over by Lexington. Then he proceeded to tell me that I would be a Sister Trainer Leader with Sister West. So I think it's safe to say that I am definitely not a psychic.
You'd think I'd know better than to plan out a small part of my life by now since the announcement of the age change by President Monson in October, hence the fact that I'm even here right now, but hey I guess I just really need to know that Heavenly Father's plan is almost always different and better than my own.
With that I had a great last week here in Posey-county. I spent one day on exchange in Oleny, Illinois with Sister Roberts. I exchanged with her last transfer so I had the opportunity to go back to the home of the white squirrel again and I SAW ONE! It was SO cool! Highlight of my day! And it was fun of course to see the signs and statues of white squirrels everywhere. These people take serious pride in these white squirrels.
It's weird to think that I'm leaving Posey-County since it has become my home in lots of ways. I'm really going to miss the people and all the other great things about Mt. Vernon that I've grown to love. And let's be honest here, packing is no fun. But I know that where ever I go and do, it's where the Lord needs me. And it's for sure going to be an adventure! Everyday is out here!
Hope ya'll have a great week!
Sister Hodges
(P.S. My title comes from the infamous site :) )

You can go to this site to see what Sister Trainer Leader is:

Good ole backroad tracting!

Our last district meeting together

White Squirrels!

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