Monday, June 24, 2013

Hello Kentucky!

Well this last week was one of the, if not the, craziest weeks of my life!
Sister West and I finally got to our new area on Wednesday after having transfers on Tuesday and spending some time with the first STL's (Sister Trainer Leaders) in Louisville for half a day and meeting with President Woodbury learning what our new responsabilites were going to be. It was a lot of meetings and a lot of driving. But the driving wasn't too shabby since it was in a brand new 2013 Ford Fusion. And I got to put most of the first few hundred miles on it. KInd of awesome.
Our new area is called Jessamine and it covers Jessamine county in Kentucky, except for Nicolasville which is right in the middle. So you can imagine a donut, Nicolasville being the donut hole, and us having the donut as our area. It's like being in a whole new world in Kentucky! It's even more green and has hills and is super gorgeous! I love it! They have the craziest nicest horse farms here too! They treat their horses like royalty out here. The nicest horse barns cost more than regualr house rent and include music and air conditioning in their stalls.
As Sister Trainer Leaders we will spend two days out of our week blitzing or exchanging with one of the eleven companionships that are in our area. We blitzed with Richmond bike and I got to spend my first full day on a bike and it was so great! And I got awesome tan lines from which. Hello farmers tan.
Well this week was definitely an adventure and it's been crazy and I'm loving it and loving being in the Bluegrass State!
Hope ya'll have a fantastic week!
Sister Hodges

We went on a ferry across the Kentucky River! It was awesome!

One of the many frogs that live in the pond right outside the window next to my super comfy big bed.

                                        Cool metal art place in Mt Vernon

It's a cat!

Sister Pisciotta and I at Transfer Meeting (Her companion in Mt. Vernon)

Sister Heywood and I in Richmond when we blitzed

Tan lines from biking all day.

Sisters West (her new companion) and Reeder

Awesome rainbow which the photo does not do it justice.


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