Monday, July 22, 2013

A Miracle Letter

Hey ya'll!
Well it's transfer week here in the Kentucky Lousiville Mission and thankfully I get to stay with Sister West in Jessamine! It would have been a shame to leave since we just got a sense of direction here in Jessamine County.
This past week Sister West and I exchanged with Versailles Sisters which have three sisters so I spent the day with Sister Dickerson and Ray. It was a day of miracles! The most distinct one of all began after a we knocked on the door of a lost member's home. No one answered so we decided to tract the one next to it. A nice older lady answers the door with a weird expression on her face and invites us inside. We start chatting and then she starts to tell us that her son had written her a letter that she read about an hour earlier. Her son had told her that 3 men of God would come to her door and offer a blessing of peace and comfort on her and her home. She needed to let us inside no matter how dirty the house was or if something else was going on. She said "that's why I looked so shocked when I answered the door. There were three women of God standing outside so I thought I'd better let ya'll in." Our main approach when we go tracting is to offer the Savior's peace and blessing on them and their home through prayer which makes what her son wrote to her that much more amazing! MIRACLE! She continued to tell us her life story and she's been going through a rough time lately so I'm excited for the Versailles Sisters to keep teaching her!
It's amazing to see miracles everyday! Not always that distinct but miracles nonetheless!
Hope ya'll have a great week!
Sister Hodges

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