Monday, October 21, 2013

A FEW weeks worth of Janna. :)

September 30, 20013
I'm SO sorry Mom and Dad but I spent the day with the Bishops wife in Shakers Village so I can't write yall this week. I LOVE you soooo much and I can't wait to tell you how this week went and the coming. and I cannot wait for conference!!
Lots of love,
Sister Hodges

October 7, 2013
It has been a crazy good past couple of weeks! I've been on several exchanges, half out of my area including one in a bike area. We rode to the church in the dark at the end of the night to watch the Relief Society Broadcast. I thought I was going to die but it was totally worth hearing the talks, especially President Monsons! The next Sunday we had a fantastic sunday school lesson with everyone on the 5th Sunday. The Nicholl's (who we live with) Son gave an awesome lesson on how we need to make sure that we're always following traditions that follow the Gospel, but be willing to change church and individual traditions when need be. It was really good.

Last Monday Sister West and I went to Shaker's Village which is at the edge, right over Jessamine county. It's an old village where Shakers don't live anymore. They are an almost extinct religion. They are celibate sooo that explains it. They were all about singing and dancing as their main form of worship on Sunday. We got to eat there and have delicous fresh food from their garden. Then we went on a ferry ride on the Kentucky River and saw lots of turtles and brown water. It was a really fun day with Sister Baxter! (The bishops wife.)

General Conference was FANTASTIC as usual! Seriosuly, like Christmas out here! I loved all of the talks. I got to watch all of them. At the church on Saturday and with Sister Siletta and Judy (yay!) on SUnday morning and with another member family that evening that fed us after. It was quite nice!  I loved Elder Hollands talk! It was an answer to our missions prayers! I've worked with a lot of Sisters that deal with depression so it was soo great to hear Elder Holland talk about it! I would love a conference issue when it comes out!!
Time is flying and I can't belive I've already been out for 7 months! Crazy!
This week will be interesting since Sister West and I have been asked to give a training at our Mission Leadership Council soo hopefully that goes well.

I sure do love you LOTS!!! I hope your week so sooo great! :)
Sister Hodges :)

Look Out Illinois
October 14, 2013

Transfer calls came this week and I'm going to OLNEY, ILLINOIS! Transfer calls always seem to take me by surprise! I've been there on exchange a couple of times when I was in Mt. Vernon, Indiana. It's quite the place! They are well known for their white squirrels, in whom they worship., right? I'm super sad to be leaving Jessamine. I've really grown to love the people here and serving with Sister West has been the time of my life, but I know that the Lord needs me in Olney and I'm excited to start a new adventure! I'll be follow-up training a sister there. Her name is Sister Airmet and I've heard that she is a fantastic sister!

This last week in Jessamine has been great. It started off a little crazy with a meeting in Louisville then I went down south to Corbin, KY. I got to spend the day with Sister Jaco who is my volleyball missionary soul sister. She is so great! At the beginning of the day we ended up locking the keys in the trunk of her car and walked A LOT till we finally got a hold of a locksmith. When he showed up at our car we asked how he got into the business of unlocking things and he proceeded to tell us that "it's a funny story, I was in federal prison and they asked me to get into a safe they needed unlocked. They finally let me out and helped me get certified" and then he said hahaha just kidding. Totally ruined the story. But he was a super cool guy who had been taught by missionaries before! We just had to lock out keys in the trunk to find him. ha. The Lord works in mysterious ways.
Well ya'll, next time you hear from me it will be from the land of white squirrels.
Stay awesome and read your scriptures :)
Sister Hodges 

White Squirrel Siting! 
October 21, 2013
It's been a great first week here in Olney, Illinois! It's definitely not Kentucky, but there are so many great things happening here! I've taught more people in one week than I have at any other point on my mission! My new companion is super great too! Her name is Sister Airmet. She's from Highland, UT and has been out for 6 weeks.
This week has been a lot of change and adjusting, but I've truly come to know that it's when we face change in our lives that we have the opportunity to change. How we change depends on how we face it. A lot of our choices are between choosing faith or fear and choosing faith is what leads to true happiness.
Hope ya'll have a great week!
Quote of the week (@ a trailer park): "Is it just me or is there a herd of chihuahuas?" (follow with tons of barking chihuahuas and a lady on an electric wheel-chair)
*White Squirrel Sitings: 3*

                                                                  Me and my last district

                                                              And FAVORITE sisters :)

                                           And the giant box that uncle bob sent me with chips.

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