It was a great week here in Jessamine county! Sister West and I were able to start teaching a great family that's met with a lot of missionaries in the past. The mom, Dee, is a big black lady who's engaged to a little French man, Pierre. Dee has five kids, her youngest with Pierre. All of her kids have crazy African names and it's taken me forever to memorize them, but I have them down now! We've talked a lot to her older daughter Kye (the only easy name). She's never really had a relationship with God so we've been sharing a lot about prayer and who God is. It's been fun teaching her since she's the same age as me and we connect really well.
The other day when Sister West and I were first getting to know Dee and her family we thought it would be a great idea to invite their family to a fireside in Louisville that was going to be about "Blacks and the Bible"--great title, right? Dee had mentioned right before how one thing that bothered her about our church was that our pictures never represented black people. Taking the cue Sister West says, "We're actually having a talk being given about blacks and the Bible in Louisville this Sunday if you'd like to come." Then Dee was like "blaaackks??" All dramatic and like Sister West had said something horrible! And I'm in horror sitting between them really awkwardly not knowing what to say or do till Dee breaks the awkwardness and says that she wasn't offended, she just was clarifying sooo that relieved the awkward elephant in the room. In the end they didn't end up going but Sister West and I still got to go with our other investigator, Judy. It was a very interesting fireside about how blacks really are in the Bible. One of Noah's son's, Ham, was black and Brother Darius Gray walked us all the way through geneology in the Bible that leads to Christ having black roots way back. Best line was "It's important to know who we are as well as who's we are."