Monday, September 2, 2013

A Day In The Life of Sister Hodges

SUNDAY AUG 25 2013

6:30 AM Wake up, shower, get all nice for church!
8:00 AM Ward Council.
9:30 AM Greet people at door/praying investigators will show up.
10:00 AM Sacrament Meeting- Sister West gives a bomb talk on the importance of the Sacrament.
11:00 AM Gospel Principles with Recent Converts.
12:00 PM Relief Society.
1:00 PM Run around after church trying to talk to various people.
1:30 PM Knock on doors of various people whom we'd gotten referred to the day before by other random people we talked to on the street while riding bikes. 
2:30 PM Lesson with Terry. When we walked up to his trailer he was de-fleeing his dog. At first glance it looked like he was plucking a dead chicken. We taught him a lot of random things starting with the Plan of Salvation and ending with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He's struggled with choices he's made trying to make a living and we tried emphasizing how through Christ the burden of those choices can be lifted and we can find peace. 
3:15 PM Contacted another referral in the same trailer park. Nice guy who is recently starting to struggle with his belief in God. He said he used to read the Bible a lot and seemed interested in family history. We'll be back. 
4:00 PM Dinner with the Wach's. LOVE them and their family! Had a great message with them about the Restoration. Loved feeling the spirit in their home.
5:30 PM Tracted their street. Knocked lots of doors. Met some of their neighbors who love the Wach's and seemed very interested in the BoM! We told them we'd be back next Sunday to share more.
6:30 PM Tried contacting a less-active near the Wach's. Met a funny older man of seemed annoyed but humored by us. He told us they moved to Salt Lake on a street called Martin Luther....not sure if that would be a legit address in Salt Lake...
7:00 PM Tried another less-active and met him! His name is Thomas. Was nice, but doesn't like going to church. He told us that his neighbor was Ryan Hannigan, who's the number one catcher for the Cinncinati Reds. 
7:30 PM Tried Mr. Thomas' neighbor. Nice guy who said his name was Steven answered the door. Said we could try back again earlier another time. 
7:35 PM Tracted more of the street and talked to a man who had read anti-material for a while. Nice guy. Wasn't interested. 
8:45 PM Headed home.
9:00 PM Planned for the next day.
9:30 Filled out area book
10:30 Comfy clothes and bed! 

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