Monday, September 2, 2013

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

August 19, 2013 

You'll never guess who I met yesterday. Santa Claus. Who would've thought that he'd be bumming around just south of Lexington right? And get this. He's already Mormon! Problem is, he doesn't attend church currently...but we'll see about that in a week or so. He likes to wear a WWJD bracelet and pairs it off with a Jessamine Christian Church bracelet. He was also very excited to tell us about an LDS Bible he found at Goodwill for a dollar and 25 cents. We look forward to visiting with him again sometime this week. Maybe he'll clue us in on how he gets to all of those houses in one night.
Anyways, besides having the privilege to meet Santa Claus, I've been able to learn LOTS these past couple of weeks. I was able to attend a couple of different meetings with a few different speakers from the 70. The first 70 I was able to hear from was Elder Kopischke. He was really great with a cool accent and all. He taught us about how to be leaders and how my companion and I could better help our sisters and our mission. This past Monday we had a mission tour with Elder Nash. He is an amazing teacher! He and his wife taught us a lot about following the spirit. One thing that Sister Nash said that really stood out to me was "contention, whether you're justified or right, is always wrong and chases away the spirit." She continued to talk about how important it is to distinguish what takes away from us feeling the spirit along with what invites it.
It's been a great past couple of weeks and I hope ya'll have a good one!
Sister Hodges

Yup, there was a tree blocking our driveway sooo we hiking about a half mile to our house. In the dark. With wild creatures around us. 

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