Monday, September 9, 2013

When Animals Attack

Well this week was a jump srtart ot a new transfer!
It was all going pretty well till the animals of Kentucky decided to hate me again. It all started when we were giving service to some of our members. They asked us to gather their little herd of chickens and put them in their chicken coop. These chickens that they own aren't just your run of the mill terror-raptors. These are the fluffiest, harmless looking, japanese chickens.Gathering fluffy cute chickens, piece of cake right? Wrong. Sister West was successful with the first couple of hens who honestly, aren't the smartest chickens in the coop. After a little bit of scrambling we get three hens in and we're left with a rooster and the last hen. The whole time Sister West is catching chickens the rooster is getting more and more upset. He's cawing, scratching the ground and flapping his wings in frustration since his precious hens are being captured. Then he just gets vicious and starts charging me! Sister West is off in the distance trying to outsmart a chicken while I'm running away from a rooster who's trying to attack me! Finally after the rooster decides to run to his precious hens clucking in their coop. As he goes to their rescue we slam the coop door and trap him inside! Now he's really upset! Sister West and I finally remember that their is some chicken scratch and lure the last hen towards the coop while the rooster is just going crazy as we trick the bird into finally being captured! Now when we go back to see the chickens they get really upset, so we just stay away from them as much as possible now.
Hope ya'll have a great week!
Sister Hodges

6 Months. With Sister Vikari!

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