Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 10, 2014

Hey Mom!
It was a good week here in Olney. We had exchanges this week so I got to go back to my "home" in Mt. Vernon, IN for a day. It wasn't as weird this time since I wasn't with Sister Mickelsen and I had already been back a couple of times before. One time being just a week before getting Sister Ellsworth a bike. It was really fun being with Sister Kuenzle for a day! She's a bomb.com sister. I was the first person she went on an exchange with when I was an STL. I remember being blown away that day since she was such an awesome missionary. And she's just gotten better. She's such a good STL and missionary. We told each other that we'd start memorizing at least 3 scripture verses a week since I want to work on knowing the scriptures better.  It's been pretty awesome! I've memorized Alma 26:37 so far and now I'm working on what seems like the longest scripture ever. Mosiah 3:19. 
This morning for my personal study I read in the BoM forever! I read from Alma 52-57. It's when all of the super cool wars are going on and it's intense! Moroni isbomb.com and I stopped right before the stripling warriors go down. I heard through the rumor mill of LDS people that they might be making a movie about Moroni. Like one that they would show in theaters and everyone could see. The more I read the more I hope it happens cause it would be such an awesome movie!! As I've read the war chapters I've tried applying it to the spiritual war we face today. I had just read about Moroni and how they had built up their weak cities and how we can build up our weaknesses like they did and the people of Ammon did when they buried their weapons of war and we can do the same with our weaknesses. I'm trying to figure out how to do that with mine. Like when I get annoyed way too easily. I want to figure out how to build up protections around it so when Satan tries to attack me and tempt me to get angry or frustrated so easily I'll have protections built around it. I read a lot about it in the talk given by Elder Richard J. Maynes "The Strength to Endure". It's a really good talk. 
In other exciting news, I hit a raccoon!!! 

Anyways, I've also been learning a lot about family history at church! The Relief Society President gave a really good lesson on familysearch.org on Sunday and it was awesome! I can't wait to do tons of family history work when I go home! I looked at our tree on Family Search and Grandma Darline's parents aren't on there!!! I asked dad for their names and then their birth dates. I hope we can find them! I can't believe I didn't pay attention to this stuff before!
I can't believe how big Randy is getting! Not cool that he's going to be taller than me!! 
I'm happy ya'll finally got snow! We've had it here for a while now. On and off a couple of times. Hopefully the cold goes away soon but I don't think it will. They say this is the worst winter they've had here in like 40 years which is crazy. 
That would be cool if you read my letter to them every week. I can't believe how crazy Darren's life is! Learning that other crazy language?! Man, I'm sure he'll be fine though and that he's learning a lot. 
Well Mom, I sure do love and miss you lots!! This Gospel really is amazing and I feel so blessed to be a part of it. 
Sister Hodges

Late birthday pics. I made the cake mix and frosting from your package!

And Sister Hawes made me a cake. She's the nicest lady ever! 

planning at night 

and after planning! 

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