Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 7, 2014

Dearest Mom!
I had a good week this past week! We found a new person to teach who is awesome! He actually came up to us when we were trying to talk to his friend that we're teaching and he said he wants God to be in his life and we were like, we can help with that!
Our 4th of July was good! We got permission to watch fireworks. Here they have them in the middle of nowhere! So, we drove about halfway there and decided to just park, climb on top of our car and just watch them from a distance. We watched it along with a few other random shows going on. It was nice! Good way to celebrate 'Merica! The next day we got to celebrate again with the whole Kappes Clan! They're the giant family in the ward. There were the grandparents and like 6 of the 8 kids and their families were there. They made delicious food and we got to watch their fireworks show. It was pretty legit! Sounds like yall had a pretty good 4th of July too!
Tomorrow should be an exciting day. We get to meet Pres Brough at a Zone meeting in Lexington. Should be awesome!
Man, Taggart and Randy are going to be so much taller than me!!! Crazy. I'll probably end up being the shortest in the family. Ugh. I realized not too long ago that I have to find new doctor!! Cause Dr. Crawford doesn't do older people like myself....that'll be interesting to figure out. Becoming an adult it weird.
Sounds like the family is doing good :) I sure do love reading about how yalls week went! It feels good to know what's going on.
Sorry this e-mail is kind of short and lame, but I LOVE YOU!!!!! Have a great week :) Tell the three little, becoming not so little, ones hi for me!
Sis Hodges

(The pictures she sent this week are from the wedding she wrote about last week.)

                                        The cake Sis Smith made and I decorated the cupcakes!

Our matching wedding outfits!

                                                               Look out! Church ahead!

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