Friday, March 15, 2013


 Wow I CANNOT believe I've been in the MTC for only 8 days!! It feels like WAY longer!! They jam pack your day and I've been learning so much it's hard to believe!

So I thought I'd list off what make the MTC like a little piece of heaven :)

  1. You get delicious ice cream every Wednesday and Sunday! Great comfort for your first day here :)
  2. Better than whatever cake they serve every once in a while. YUM!
  3. Sister Vikari- Requested to be on the list with a star next to it but idk how to do that
  4. Ballin' it up with the District during gym time! (The elders have this awesome illusion that I'm some sort of baller. They were like "where did you play college ball?" and I was like "...uhh I didn't" hahaha
  5. Confusing the poor new missionaries with Sister Short that came in last Wednesday by saying hello in some crazy accent and them thinking "where the heck am I?" haha
  6. Wilderness Wednesday! (Our disctrict wore shirts with animals on them to gym last wednesday. I got to show off my creepy cat shirt my dad got me for p-day-pics to come!)
  7. Being in the largest Relief Society Ever! Over 1,000 sister missionaries here! and even more came last Wednesday! It's insane!
  8. Feeling like a Disney Princess cause for some reasons birds aren't afraid of you here and Elders always hold the doors open for you
  9. Getting starstruck when you see missionaries that were in The District (a video missionaries watch about mission work before they go on a mission)
Best Quotes of the Week:

A poor sister didn't get any mail
Sis: "I didn't get any..."
Elder: "Want a mint?" hahaha

 So the sisters and I were talking in our room and saying what our first names were (since we call eachother Sister insertlastname). When I said my first name was Janna, Sister Vikari looks at me with this stank face and was like: "Your name is Janna?" and I was like "uhh yes" hahaha and now we like to point out whenever Sister Vikari has a stank face haha.

 "Oh my gatos!" -Sister Short

 The Elders in our District decided they were a "wolf pack" so I asked, "If they're a wold pack what are we?" and Sister McInnis responded with, "a herd". The rest of us were like yeahhh nooo we are not a herd lol,

 "That song got Navahawked" -This poor sister, bless her sweet spirit, is kind of off key and likes to sing very loudly off key. So after she sang a song with a group of missionaries during sacrament meeting, someone thought to label it as getting navahawked hahaha

 So I forgot to elaborate on what a coordinating sister is. Having that calling I'm asked to help welcome in a new district or group of missionaries and go over rules and stuff like that. So, last night Sister Short and I were trying to show an example of what a companion inventory is, which is just time to talk out problems and concerns with eachother, which is really hard for us since we get along so well and have had nothing to talk about in inventory. So when we tried showing how to do it, it was kind of a funny disaster haha. We tried to go over how to get to know eachother and I told her that I wanted to go into Psychology and she asked "so you can read minds?" and I was like "I'll try it right now" so I put my fingers on my forehead and randomly guessed "are you thinking about chocolate?" and She was like "yes! l seriously am!" crazy! hahaha and we also realized that we have the exact same laugh, and we think we're hilarious, so we're laughing at eachother like all day.

 I can't believe I'll be flying out Monday to head to Lousiville! It's crazy! But I'm super excited! I've been able to learn so much at the MTC and I can't wait to go out and teach the Gospel to the people there! Thanks SOOO much to everyone that's been sending me letters! The love and support mean the world to me! Since I fly out Monday you can write me at the next couple of days and after that you can send it to my mission home and I'll get my new address after I get there!

 Till next week!

Sister Hodges

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