Friday, March 1, 2013

The Call!

So getting my call was kind of insane. I had it sent to my school address at BYU-Idaho since I didn't know I'd be in Salt Lake wedding dress shopping for my sister when it came.

I only had to wait two weeks after turning in my papers for my call to come, but those were the longest two weeks of my life!

I thought I'd have to have it over-nighted to my home in Washington since I'd be driving there the next day from Salt Lake.

Good thing my mom is a genius!

She had the brilliant idea to have someone from the ride board take it from Rexburg to Salt Lake that night.

I called someone I found on the ride board, explained the situation and asked her to bring my call. I'm pretty sure she was really confused since I had to explain it a few times, but she ended up getting it from my roommates (one in the picture with my call) and got it to Salt Lake at midnight.

After waiting since the announcement in October and all day I finally opened that white envelope and read that I'd be serving in the Kentucky Louisville Mission!

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