Friday, March 1, 2013

The Bluegrass State

Here are my 20 Reasons Why I can't wait to be in Kentucky! 


Can you say big and crazy hats? annnddd

Horses + racing is awesome! Pretty sure I can't attend while serving, but someday! 

2. On that note... horse farms! 

3. Gettin' some Southern Hospitality!

4. With that, some delicious Southern food! Hello deep-fried! 

5. The Louisville Slugger Museum

Not a huge baseball fan, but hey, who wouldn't want to see a giant baseball bat right? Let alone the largest in the world! 

6. See this bluegrass for myself! 

7. See what this rivalry is all about

8. Go to a Wildcats game! (Post-mission of course) 

9. To convert this guy: The Turtleman. 

10. And also Jennifer Lawrences mom so that I can become best friends with Jennifer Lawrence.

11. Mammoth Cave National Park. The longest cave system known in the World

12. See the Cumberland Falls. Gorgeous! 

13. Thunder Over Louisville 

14. Hear that Southern accent

15. Learn how to say Louisville right 

16. Living in all that green! 

17. Kentucky Lakes 

18. Fall Weather 

19. See old victorian homes in downtown Louisville

20. And of course the reason I'm most excited is to finally be a SISTER MISSIONARY and be able to serve the great people in Kentucky!! 

If you're going on a mission I'm officially challenging you to find your 20 things!

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