Sunday, March 9, 2014

March 4, 2014

Dear Mom,
I get the whole snow thing in March! It's snowed like crazy here on Monday! Hence the me not e-mailing since the libraries were closed. I can't wait for spring! But I do enjoy the whole not having a million bug bites and sweating all the time, so I can live with the vice. That's so awesome that a member of the 70 was at the ward today! Those men are awesome. Sounds like there were some good talks given! Bridgette's play sounds super good! And Randy is still tearing it up it sounds like! Alma are some good chapters to be in in the Book of Mormon! Rene, the lady who was baptized while I was in Olney, LOVED Alma! We came to her house one day and when we asked how her reading was she had read like a bajillion chapter a.k.a. like over half Alma and was almost in Helaman! It was crazy, but she just soaked it all up! She said she couldn't put it down! The Book of Mormon is so awesome!
And I LOVE that quote you sent me! Bro Curry aske me when we first met what the most important thing I had learned on my mission so far and at the top of my head I said my priorities and that quote goes to perfectly with it!
This past week has been really good! It's nice to be in the area a little longer. I still can't belive it's already been 2 weeks! Time is flying! I've been able to meet more of our investigators and got to know some better. And I've gotten to know some ward members better too which is really nice. There are some really good people here. We've had dinner at a young couples house, the Jex's, twice now. They're super nice and Brother Jex like to tell stories from his mission that he served in Pocatello, ID. He loved it. Almost as much as he loves talking about it. They're really funny, and his wife is super nice and cute and they have the most adorable daughter named Hazel. She just turned one.
I also got to go back to Jessamine this week! This is the second time I've gone back to an area I've been to before so it wasn't as weird this time. It was cool to be back in the Nicholl's house! I even saw Momo, the cow dog. I got to teach a couple of people I've taught before. I got to speak to Sister Siletta on the phone. She was a recent convert when I was in the area and I LOVE that lady!! She is wonderful. Her family is wonderful. It felt so good to hear from them. It was nice to have that day to be back. I also got to spend the day with a sister I'd never met before, Sister Bayles. She's awesome! It was fun to get to know her and spend the day with her in Jessamine.
So, nothing too exciting happened this week, but it's been a good one. I'm trying to focus on relying on the spirit more this transfer. We watched a video about feeling the Holy Ghost and it quoted Elder Bednar saying "We should remember... that the covanent promise is that we may always have His spirit to be with us." I love that "always". And it's true. It's just about how well we're listening and following it's promptings. Sometimes it's hard. Especially when I think I have it all together and I realize that it's not about how refined my skills become as a missionary, I always need to be relying on the spirit and be willing to say what I'm prompted to. That's when I know that I'm saying what the Savior would. And that's what touches people's heart's and brings true lasting conversion. "It's not about convincing people's heads, it's about converting their hearts."
I love you mom! I will be forever grateful that I was blessed to have you as my mom, which sounds cheesy, but it's true. You're amazing.
Love love love you!
Sister Hodges

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