Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike.

April 8, 2013

What a week! Had a lot of memorable things happen! First off, Sister Mickelsen and I got BIKES! They are sooo much fun!! We were a little sore the next day and everyone we passed by was staring. It was either the fact that we were wearing helmets or that we were wearing skirts or just the combination. Either way, lets just say the sister missionaries are making quite the impression in Mt. Vernon! And I had that song running through my head the entire time we were riding.
Dan has set a baptism date! Awww yeah!! We agreed on yesterday, Sunday, to be the day that he would tell us whether he wanted to get baptized or not. After he told us he said he'd known he wanted to do it for a week and a half. We were like what?! And you waited this long to tell us?! But we're super excited! We set the date for the end of April, we can't wait! He watched two sessions of conference and liked parts of it a lot.
Speaking of conference, can you say Chirstmas time for a missionary? It was soooo great! Hearing from the prophet and apostles was amazing! They gave such good talks! And they announced that there are over 65,000 missionaries!!! Just like President Monson said "No force in the entire world can stop the work of God."
Sister Mickelsen and I ran into a couple interesting situations this week while tracting. The first one was last Monday. The houses we track down here are so pretty! Tracking in the country is so cool. The farm land and ponds with the nice houses are magazine picture perfect! We went up to a house while tracting in the country and there were like five geese and a couple of ducks. When a guy answered the door one of the ducks started attacking one of the geese and it was squwaking its head off and we couldn't even give a serious gospel message cause we couldn't really consentrate with the loud goose in the backround and trying not to laugh. It was pretty hilarious. Eventually we had to be like well sorry we can't really give a spiritual message, but we ended up getting some sort of message accross and gave him a Book of Mormon and he fed the geese for us.
Later in the week we literally got stuck on a guys porch for an hour and fourty-five minutes! He had to have been some sort of preacher. We couldn't teach him anything cause he would go off on tangits after we would make one statement and Sister Mickelsen was getting pretty frusterated. He kept trying to give us advice on how to be more spiritual like praying for discernment when we knock on houses and studying the scriptures and praying for hours and we were like uhhhmmm we already do all of that sooo yeah. Eventually we had to literally say we have to leave now cause we were getting no where with this guy. He sang to us as we walked away and Sister Mickelsen soo that was definitely an interesting experience!
Well, it was a great week here in the GKLM! I hope everyone enjoyed conference and has a fantastic week!
Sister Hodges

The geese and ducks.

 Bikes! WHAt?! 

 Ready to ride! Yeah, we look special I know

Making Grandma's cookies! Can you say delicious?

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