Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Who Dat Is?

April 1, 2013

It was a great week! To start off I met my first JDub (Jehovah Witness) and Pinnacostal. Hence my title. They were interesting people. The Jehovah Witness member wasn't too out there since she'd only been in the church for a year, but the Pinnacostal was a different story. We met him knocking doors. His name is Cliff. He was trying to get rid of us at first till we asked the golden question. "How have you come to know Christ and accept him into your life?" Boom. Story time. He told us this 20 minute story of how he had gone into a coma for three days after running into a barge with his boat. He hit is head really hard and "my eyes were half filled with blood". He told us that he had had an elaborate dream and told us a few more things that were very interesting. He also said he could speak in tounges. So, it was an intersting conversation to say the least.
We ordered bikes! They will be here Wednesday! I'm pretty stoked to be riding bikes around, but I'll probably be hating them the second day we're on them. I'm still not sure how the skirt and bike thing is going to go, but I'm sure Sister Mickelsen and I can figure things out, right? 
Earlier this week Sister Mickelsen and I were able to have dinner at a member's home with another couple, who aren't members. We chatted at dinner and afterward taught them about the Restored Gospel. They seemed very interested and asked good questions. They agreed to watch General Conference with us this week. They own lots of snakes I guess, so if we end up teaching them at their house, I'll probably be a nervous wreck in their home, but It'll be worth it of course!  
Easter here was good! We got to eat at Sister _______ house and her million other porteguse water dogs and bird! They're so great! We also sang in church and had great talks about Christ during Sacrament meeting.
I'm growing to love it here! The people here are so great in our little branch! The members are so wonderful! The people we run into while contacting and tracting are very nice. It's crazy how people are set in our path who are ready to hear the Gospel. I'm beginning to see the miracles that happen all around me. This Gospel is so amazing and true! Thanks everyone for the letters and support! Its so much appreciated!
Keep it real till next week!
Sister Hodges

Traditional MTC

   She looks great with the tag!

This one's for you JOCE! The bird belongs to a member.

Kentucky Country.

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