Monday, April 15, 2013

Uhh Wait....You Have Pet Snakes?

Had another great week in Mt. Vernon!


We've been teaching Dan a lot in preparation for his baptism. It's crazy to watch how his testimony grows so fast! He was so prepared to hear the Gospel. He's been through a lot in his life. His wife has a ton of medical issues, a prosthetic leg, diabetes, has to go to dialysis 3 times a week, and she smokes on top of all of that. He's had to pretty much be a nurse maid for a majority of his life and has medical issues himself. He has a pacemaker. Sister Mickelsen and I finally figured out that that was what the ticking was that we always heard at his appointments. His heart was definitely softened so that he would be ready to accept the Gospel. We've been going over the commandments with him this week and taught him the law of tithing yesterday. We were able to teach him at a great members home and they gave great stories and bore strong testimonies of their experiences with keeping the law of tithing. Dan voiced his concern with giving 10% since he has to pay for his wife's medical needs, but he said he would pray about it and try it out. I know that when he does that everything will be taken care of and he'll be so blessed! He's working on gaining a testimony of President Monson. He wasn't sure what to make of him the first time he heard him speak at General Conference. We've given him more talks and he's come to understand more his role and how he teaches.


Another great couple we've been teaching is Trish and Ronnie. They're the couple I mentioned a while ago that we ate dinner with at a members home. They watched the 2nd session of General Conference on Sunday with us and their member friends. They really liked it! They asked good questions and Trish has been reading the Book of Mormon every night the past week. We have an appointment with them this the snake house. Can we discuss snakes for a moment? I just want to point out that snakes are never good! They're always the evil guys pet like Voldermort! Or how Jafar turns into a giant snake! They refer to satan as a snake! Why would anyone want a pet snake? Let alone a lot of pet snakes?! Anyways, I'm still really excited to teach them even if I have to go into their house full of snakes to do so. On a side note, the family that introduced them to the Gospel is so great! Great missionaries!


I got to go on an exchange this week! I was with Sister Earl in Evansville for a day! It was so great! It was interesting to see how she does mission work and how the areas are different. I was able to learn a lot of things that have changed me as a missionary. I was able to teach a great lesson with Sister Earl to a mom and her two daughters about strengthening your family. It went so great!


I hope everyone had a great week!


Sister Hodges
*This is Joey, Janna's mom. For those of you who know Janna VERY well, you will understand the snake issue and get a good laugh out of it.  Or be afraid for her. For those of you who don't know, Janna is DEATHLY afraid of snakes.  Even pictures of them scare her.  Wow! Can you say she's stepping out of her comfort zone? Can't wait to hear how it all plays out....stay tuned.

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