Monday, April 22, 2013

Let It Rain!

It was a great week in Mt Vernon! The weather was pretty insane! It was raining so hard at some points that I would get drenched if I got out of the car for literally 10 seconds! It even hailed at some point and there was lightening. There was also a tornado warning on Thursday, so that was new! But there wasn't one so it was all good! I was actually in Olney, Illinois on exchange when we heard about the warning. It was a nice little town! They are obsessed with white squirrels! I guess they're the only town around that has them and they're pretty proud of it! It was fun to spend the week with Sister Roberts! She's a great missionary and I learned a lot as I spent the day with her.
We taught Trish and Ronnie again. They had us over for dinner and Ronnie made delicious dip! It's the kind with the velveeta cheese and rotel but he puts sausage in it! Yum! When we went to teach them their snakes were all locked up in the basement sooo thankfully I didn't have to worry about that! After dinner we taught them about how to recognize the spirit and faith. Trish has been reading the Book of Mormon a lot and Ronnie said he'd start reading more. They have each had really distinct spiritual experiences so they've been great to talk to and teach.
Dan decided to postpone his baptism. He feels like he won't be ready by this Saturday and we're proud of him for wanting to be ready to fully commit and be ready to live it the rest of his life. He's praying about another date that he feels would be right. He came to church on Sunday and loves being there.
It's been a good week! I'm seeing how distinct Heavenly Father's hand is in his work and how he qualifies us as missionaries to do his work.  
Hope everyone has a fantastic week!
Sister Hodges

 We went to this cool little town called New Harmony last week that's in our area and literally everyone drives golf carts. It was pretty funny to see.

 Welcome to Indiana!

 Great Street Sign!

 Buiscuts from home! Best thing ever!!! Thanks Dad!!!

 Okay, seriously CUTEST bunny EVER!! its so fluffy!!! Look at that face!!!

This bunny was SO soft!! (Sister Vickers decided to get bunnies and showed them to us :))

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