Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm losing my mom....again.

Big changes! Transfer calls came on Saturday! annnnnnnd Sister Mickelsen is leaving me. She's going to Louisville to be the first traveling sister in our mission. I'm holding down fort in Mt Vernon and my new companion will be another 6-weeker just like me. I won't find out exactly who my companion is till tomorrow at the transfer meeting but Sister Mickelsen and I have our educated guess so we'll see of we're right.


It was a great week here in the GKLM! We continued to teach Trish and Ronnie. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and it was so great! The whole time their minds were being blown! Trish told us at the end that it was like pieces of the puzzle had finally started coming together. And when we taught lesson three later that week they asked such good questions. Ronnie asked a really thought out question that led us to explain more about temples. It was so great. Every question they had, answer! I can't wait to keep teaching them this week. After teaching them on Tuesday I went into their snake room. I didn't go all the way down the stairs though cause those snakes are HUGE, hello biggest fear! Sister Mickelsen was holding them and I held Trish's little pet chameleon Curly. He was SO cute, unlike the snakes. But for some reason I eventually promised Ronnie I would work up to holding a snake so we'll see how that pans out.


I really think Dan progressed a lot this week. After our member present lesson he talked to us after and we were able to see more of the root of his concerns and the things that he's been going through. We were able to convince him that he needs to be reading the Book of Mormon everyday. Church was so great for him since it brought up his two main concerns. During testimony meeting President Clowers bore a really strong testimony of Joseph Smith and President Monson and Dan has really been struggling with accepting him as a prophet today. Then later in Sunday school the main point was about keeping the Sabbath Day holy. He's been struggling with how we don't have a black and white list of what to do and not do, but members gave great comments that really helped him more fully understand how it works and why it's set up that way. So, Dan's making progress and we get to teach him again tonight before Sister Mickelsen leaves.


We picked up a great investigator a while ago. She lives in this cute little town called New Harmony. She's been going through a lot of different things in her family and has been searching for some sort of peace. We were able to teach her the first lesson and it went so well. She asked great questions and you can tell she's been prepared to hear about the Gospel. I'm looking forward to teaching her the Plan of Salvation cause I'm sure it will answer a lot of questions she's had. Over time I know that as we keep teaching her, she's going to find that peace she needs.


The work is going great here in Posey County! Or as Sister Mickeslen would call it, the armpit of Indiana.


Yuns have a great week!


Sister Hodges


Shout out to Derrn who is going to AFRICA!!!! What?!!!? Oh my goodness I am SO excited!!

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